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Sign up as a mentor and help members of your community access the world of remote working. Drive the renewal of your community by bringing quality employment to your friends and neighbours.

gúrú will facilitate one to one sessions with remote work applicants from your community and you can pass on valuable knowledge to help them take the vital first steps into remote employment.

Remote Work Applicants

For those looking for your perfect job in your own community join gúrú to link to a local buddy. Mentors will help with invaluable advice on how to apply and get a well paid job with benefits and the flexibility to find your perfect work life balance.

gúru facilitates ongoing one-to-one mentoring to help with:

  • navigating the world of remote work; types of roles, where to look
  • dos and don'ts when applying for remote roles
  • structuring applications to make you stand out as the perfect candidate
  • best use of networking tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter
  • interview techniques
  • resources for remote workers such as the Grow Remote remote work ready course, Jobs Club and finding suitable open roles via the Grow Remote jobs board
  • regular check ins to motivate and keep momentum going to ensure you land your perfect job.
  • as the number of remote roles in our communities grow it is our hope that users of gúrú will in turn become mentors to pass on their knowledge to others who want to follow in their footsteps


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